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CARD's primary goal is to provide specialty healthcare and screening to those affected by Libby amphibole asbestos.
Here you can view details of past and upcoming events related to the Center for Asbestos Related Disease.
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CARD Staff Biographies
Brad Black (CEO/Medical Director)
Dr. Black is the Chief Executive Officer at CARD and the Medical Director. He continues to be a leading advocate for healthcare, treatment, and research to benefit those impacted by Libby amphibole asbestos. A pediatrician by specialty, he additionally spent 10 years as the Medical Director for the urgent care center and served as an emergency room physician. Lincoln County Health Officer since 1984, Dr. Black has become dedicated to developing the healthcare infrastructure for asbestos related disease healthcare, including the planning and implementation of the original ATSDR screening program and the development of CARD. With support from Alan Whitehouse, Spokane Pulmonologist, Dr. Black has become an expert in identifying and managing Libby amphibole asbestos diseases. His dedication is appreciated greatly by CARD as well as the community.
Mary Karen Caraway (Case Manager)
Mary Karen, LCSW is the Case Manager at CARD and assists individuals dealing with ARD to sign up for Medicare and/or the Pilot Program as well as ongoing assistance with Pilot. Mary Karen will also be developing a smoking cessation program. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Montana and her Masters of Social Work at Eastern Washington University. She has 18 years experience in assisting individuals and families to make positive life change. Mary Karen was born in Libby, and raised in Troy, Montana. After her schooling and her brief employment in Washington State, Mary Karen returned to work in Libby in 1998. She joined CARD in January of 2014.
Ashley Day (Respiratory Therapist)
Ashley is a Registered Respiratory Therapist at CARD and has been a valued member of the staff since June of 2004. She was born and raised in Libby, Montana and is a graduate of the University of Montana in Missoula. At CARD, Ashley is dedicated to quality care for patients, where she administers pulmonary functioning tests (breathing tests) to the quality that they may be used for diagnosis and research purposes. Ashley is extremely thrilled to be working in her community and is enthusiastic about educating patients on disease management. She is proud to be working at CARD with such an amazing team that shares her same goals.
Chris Ekstedt (Data Entry Technician)
Chris joined CARD in June of 2009, as a Data Entry Technician. She is responsible for the organization, entry, accuracy and overall quality assurance of CARD’s database. The database is used not only in delivering screening and healthcare services to patients; it also supports CARD’S research efforts. She conducts exposure interviews and consents patients who are interested in participating in research activities. Chris has an AAS degree in Office Technology and a background in accounting, banking, and library support. As a Libby native, Chris has experienced the effects of asbestos both personally and within the community motivating her to be an integral part of the CARD team in pursing new treatments to manage asbestos related diseases.
Cheryl Fox (Long Distance Screening Coordinator)
Cheryl joined the CARD team in July of 2003 as a volunteer and within six months was asked to join the team as an employee. She is the Long Distance Screening Coordinator, supporting long distance screening processes and ongoing long distance diagnosed medical care. Cheryl brings with her over ten years non-profit administrative support, as well as over thirty years of system planning, implementation and supportive roles. Her background includes Information Technology based on communications and system implementation. Cheryl moved to the Libby area from Denver Colorado in 2002 and she brings to the team a strong desire to benefit all patients served by the CARD programs.
Kerensa Hanley (Research Associate)
Kerensa joined CARD in May of 2011 as a Research Associate/Data Entry Technician. She is responsible for a wide variety of tasks related to healthcare delivery and research projects including: planning and assisting with data collection, consenting patients, extrapolating and verifying information, organizing and entering the data. Kerensa brings compassion and caring, along with a wealth of knowledge and experience to the CARD team.
Tanis Hernandez (Administrative Director)
Tanis Hernandez, a licensed Clinical Social Worker, is the Administrative Director at CARD and assists in overall program development and clinic management. She completed her undergraduate degree in social work at the University of Montana and her Masters, in social work, through the Walla Walla College of Washington State. She has extensive experience in assisting, supporting and counseling individuals, families and communities regarding chronic health and mental health issues. Born and raised in Kalispell, Montana; she moved to Libby in 2000 and has been with the Center for Asbestos Related Disease since 2002.
Karen Horton (Reception/Information Specialist)
Karen joined the CARD team as a Receptionist/Information Specialist after having moved back to Troy, Montana from Oregon in 2009. Her many duties include greeting and directing patients, answering telephones, screening and directing calls, providing information to callers, general administrative and clerical support, receiving and sorting mail and deliveries, scheduling appointments, as well as performing data entry. Karen is enthusiastic to be working in making our community a better place to live, one patient at a time.
Rhonda LaBelle (Data Entry Tech)
Rhonda had been working as an independent contractor in medical transcription for the CARD Clinic since 2009, until joining the CARD Clinic staff full time in October of 2013. She received her degree in medical transcription in 2006 from Professional Career Developmental Institute. Her duties include medical transcription and database entry with radiology. Rhonda is very pleased to be working with a staff that cares about the well-being of the patients.
Pam Martens (LPN)

Pam graduated from the University of Montana and has been in nursing for decades. She grew up in Libby and after a 19 year absence has moved back home. Pam joined the CARD Clinic in June 2014 and works closely with the medical providers to ensure high quality patient care. She is very excited to be back in Lincoln County serving the community she grew up in.

Tracy McNew (Clinical & Research Manager)
Tracy started at CARD in 2009 bringing experience in both nursing and nonprofit management. She manages the day to day flow of the clinical services and ensures excellent patient care. Tracy also concentrates on maintaining strong research relationships so that Libby amphibole asbestos related disease can be better understood, treated, and prevented. She also balances community and patients interests with research goals and objectives. Tracy was educated at the University of Montana where she obtained her Master’s degree in public administration and she truly enjoys the challenges of doing meaningful work in both healthcare and research roles.
Miles Miller (Certified Physicians Assistant)

Miles graduated from St. Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania, with a bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant Services, and minor in Surgery and Emergency Medicine. His undergraduate studies were completed at University of Pennsylvania and University of Texas at Austin. Miles has been a resident of Lincoln county since 1992. He has dedicated much of his career to rural primary care in NW Montana. He worked many years with Dr. Black at the original Prompt Care Clinic, right here in Libby, later establishing himself as one of the primary care providers in Eureka, Montana. He joins the CARD clinic after recently serving overseas , as the senior medical provider at the US Embassy in Iraq.

Tami Reatz (Registered Nurse)
Tami graduated from the University of Montana in Missoula and has been a nurse since 1996. She worked at Libby Clinic for 12 years, then at Libby Care Center for 4 years. She joined the CARD Clinic staff in June of 2012 as Dr. Black’s nurse and also works closely with Dr. Alisa Koval. Tami was born in Troy and graduated from Troy High School. She has been married for 39 years, has 3 children & 6 grandchildren.
Pam Roll (Patient Accounts Representative)
Pam started working at CARD in 2006 as the Patient Accounts Representative. She is responsible for a variety of office/clerical tasks relating to claims processing; working with patients and insurance companies to resolve accounts. Pam brings with her a wealth of financial knowledge and enjoys serving her community in this capacity.
Mark Smith (Respiratory Therapist)
Mark, a Registered Respiratory Therapist, has been at CARD since May of 2009 and in Libby since winter of 2006. Before joining CARD, mark gained extensive experience in assisting individuals utilizing home oxygen therapy. He administers pulmonary function tests (breathing tests) and performs many duties related to respiratory medications and oximetry. Mark enjoys the opportunity to work with patients from all walks of life and is committed to providing quality care in his community.
Nancy St. Jean (Business Office Manager)
Nancy Craig joined CARD in December of 2011 in the newly created position of Business Office Manager. She was previously a Senior Medical Coding Specialist and Supervisor at Peace Health Medical Group in Longview, WA for the past twelve years. Nancy also has prior experience as a Medical Office Manager, after working her way up from a part time receptionist position in a medical practice, right out of college. She has attended Long High School, Lower Columbia College and the University of Washington, where she majored in Business.
Linda Storkson (RMA/RPT)
Linda started at the CARD Clinic in June of 2007 as a Registered Medical Assistant and a Registered Phlebotomy Technician, a person specialized in drawing blood. She works closely with CARD’s medical providers in providing patient care. Linda also coordinates and maintains quality control of CARD’s lab for clinical care and research activities. After completing school in Colorado and doing her externship at an Allergy & Asthma clinic she moved back to the area to share her medical training with the community and expand her medical knowledge. Linda is dedicated to the patients at CARD and is proud to be serving her community.
Tim Stuckey (Research Assistant)
Tim was born and raised in the Libby community. He has spent the past decade serving his community as an emergency medical technician before joining the CARD Clinic team in May of 2013. He works as a research associate helping people recall details about their past exposure to asbestos as this is important for healthcare and research activities. He also educates about the latest research activities and obtains informed consent from interested and eligible research participants. Tim’s hobbies include hunting, fishing and other recreational activities that take advantage of the area’s natural beauty.
Shelly Taylor (Medical Records/Research Associate)
Shelly joined the CARD team in June of 2012 as their Medical Records Technician. She is responsible for processing medical records requests and managing the organization of patient information, as well as acting as CARD's Privacy Officer and Lung Cancer Screening Coordinator. As a Libby native, Shelly felt drawn to become involved with CARD and is dedicated to helping them provide the many valuable services that are so important to our community.
Dusti Thompson (CARD Outreach Specialist)
Dusti joined the CARD team in November of 2011 as the Outreach Specialist. She was born and raised in the Libby area and has spent the last two decades working with community/ non-profit organizations. As the Outreach Specialist, Dusti is responsible for development of press releases, social media, brochures, website and other printed materials. She also facilitates public relations through community involvement, outreach and education on a local and national level.
Jason Vick (IT Administrator)
Jason is the Information Technology (IT) Administrator at CARD. He supports the research database, network security, PACS/radiology system, phone system, and various computer-user related needs throughout the clinic. He completed his Management Information Systems (MIS) undergraduate degree at Auburn University in 2001. Jason worked in IT support and consulting for several years before moving to Libby and beginning work at CARD in 2009.
Liz Voorhies (Reception/Information Specialist)
Liz joined the CARD team in February of 2011. As a Receptionist/Information Specialist, her many duties include answering telephones, screening and directing calls, providing information to callers, greeting and directing patients, general administrative and clerical support, receiving and sorting mail and deliveries, scheduling appointments, as well as performing data entry. Liz is dedicated to bringing high quality service to everyone that comes to CARD and is proud to be part of the CARD team.